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Business missions

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A visiting business mission

The main purpose of economic missions is to establish direct contacts in your area of interest.

Nomad Capital sp. z o.o. has been successfully implementing research, consulting and support services in many countries with emphasis on Eurasia and the Middle East for more than 18 years, guaranteeing a professional organization on the spot and increasing the prestige of the meetings held.

We offer two types of missions:

  • Individual business mission (includes the mission of one legal entity):

Number of persons, program, date and place of departure are determined individually with the participant company. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of your trip by tailoring every detail to your expectations.

  • Industry-specific economic mission (includes many business entities) 

It is a trip of many companies from one industry or several companies from different industries. The number of people, program, date and place of departure are previously declared by the potential participants, and then a trip plan is prepared by agreement. The large number of participants significantly increases the mission's importance, which positively influences the number of potential partners that appear on site. This also reduces the cost of travel.

  • Coordination of participation in a given trade fair event

Individual or group departure for a specific trade fair event with the organization of the flight, stay, organization of the stand, provision of local facilities, forwarding of fair exhibits

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