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Employee leasing

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 Employee leasing

Major changes in the seasonality of the business and the need to maintain professional service, the need to maintain a sufficient number of employees. To optimize labor costs and ensure quality, we provide workers when you need them (also as a "substitute").

We offer human resources solutions to optimize your operating costs. We provide the opportunity to acquire employees with qualification specified by the Client for any period of time.

We adjust to the changes in the labor market:

  • "employer market"
  • "employee market"
  • With increased personnel turnover

Thanks to that you can entrust our company with maintaining the processes necessary for the functioning of the company.

Are you looking for such benefits?

  • Optimizing business costs.
  • Access to qualified recruitment and selection specialists.
  • Exchange staff within 24 hours.
  • Personnel facilities during seasonal growth.
  • Ability to acquire qualified employees.

Other benefits?

  • low cost of contract management, and the ability to calculate it accurately, 
  • Improving the security of the organization - consistency and reliability of the staff.
  • The possibility of accepting more orders - it is on the side of Nomad Capital sp. z o.o. is necessary to secure the appropriate number of employees to perform the ordered tasks.
  • Administrative savings - no cost of recruiting, training and deploying new employees transferring responsibility to ZUS, US, PIP, PEFRON to Nomad Capital sp. z o.o..
  • Higher flexibility of the company - Increased competitiveness.
  • No employee conflicts - the risk of such conduct is transferred entirely to Nomad Capital sp. z o.o..

Both young and experienced are working with us. We take care of their proper training, pay attention to personal culture. The state outlines the criteria - we do it. We support the administrative and legal part.

You get exactly what you need at the moment.

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