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Visa and consular services for trips to the East

Expowiza is specialized in brokering formalities related to travel such as: Countries like Russia, Belarus, China and India. The most important area of services provided is assistance in obtaining visas for these countries. This situation is due to the simple fact that a visa is required for legal entry into Russia, Belarus, China or India. In addition to visa matters, Expowiza also deals with consular affairs.

We would like to emphasize that we have the necessary knowledge concerning many aspects of formalities related to trips to the former Soviet republics or to the Far East. We invite you to contact private individuals and companies interested in traveling in these directions.
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Przepraszamy, ale informacje na temat wizy, której poszukujesz wymagają bezpośredniej konsultacji telefonicznej (222 57 11 11).

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